Science cannot stay concealed in the hidden spaces of a library or in disorganized folders of an office. Microphone in hand, I get out on a stage and talk about science. With ice and clay I visit schools to conduct experiments with students. I may visit a museum, a library, or I tell my neighbour how are my experiments going. The important thing is that science is communicated to people, through laughter, inspiration, curiosity or entertainment

Although publications with technical language are needed, personal relationships are the ones that can change the world

During the 2015-16 course I worked as an outreach officer for Education Through Expeditions (ETE) visiting schools in the UK and Cyprus. I have worked with kindergarten, primary and secondary schools, delivering talks and experiments related to the polar regions and my scientific expedition in Svalbard.

– Winner of the talking science competition Famelab Spain  2016

– Runner up in International Famelab 2016 representing Spain

– Winner of the scientific video contest Fundación Aquae 2017

– Winner of Somos Científicos (I am a scientist. Get me out of here! Spain) 2017