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Homeward Bound has an approximate cost of US$ 33,000 per participant; almost  50% will be covered by the sponsors of the project. I need to gather US$ 17,000 -plus around 3,000 to cover the expedition costs- to secure my place.

I am looking for people and institutions keen to support the increase of female scientists in leadership positions, particularly in climate change research and decision making. I raise money through donations, sponsorships and the delivery of outreach activities. But if you have another idea of how to support my place in the program do not hesitate to contact me!


Would you like to get involved?

Crowdfunding Campaign

Did you know that the Statue of Liberty has a lot to be thankful for to crowdfunding? In 1885 it pedestal was funded thanks to the contribution of thousands of people –with 75% of the donations being less than a dollar. If you want to support my place in this global network of women trained to effectively work together and make change happen, all donations, not matter how small they are, will help!

Take a look at my crowdfunding campaign here

Science outreach events

Using my experience as an outreach officer, I offer talks for schools, museums, bars or anywhere where someone wants to learn about science. I offer the following topics or a combination of them (all in first person thanks to my research experience):

  • Arctic expedition: polar bears, 24 hours of sunlight and glaciers
  • Fight against invasive ants
  • How can ants teach us to organize us better?
  • Fisheries and climate change
  • Homeward Bound (talk before and after Antarctic expedition)

Dossier of activities just in Spanish, but get in contact for info in English!


Is your institution compromised when it comes to gender equality? Is your business involved in the development of a more sustainable world? Take advantage of the extensive media coverage of the project to give visibility to your compromise. I take your logo or product all the way to Antarctica!